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Powerful Affirmation to begin shifting your Life

Here is a powerful mantra to lift your consciousness and begin to reprogram your subconscious mind. Say it as soon as you wake in the morning 10 times, 10 times at lunch after doing calming breathing or a meditation and 10 times before going to bed and within 30 days your life will start to change in miraculous ways.

It is also a very powerful to add to your daily meditation, if you meditate.

I expand in love, success, abundance, peace and happiness every day in every way, for the greatest good of all , amen.

As you say it think about the feeling of accomplishing these things and how good it feels. Let the joy of gratitude fill you as you see them happening for you in your life. Do 10 cycles 3 x a day at the times I describe and in your meditations and you will start to shift your life for the better.

Your subconscious will only open for reprogramming during certain times.

Your brain goes through different higher and lower frequencies during sleep, waking, daytime, before bed and sleep again.

Daytime state is beta and your subconscious is not open to suggestion in most cases.

Before bed and upon waking you are in theta which is an excellent time to reprogram your subconscious and your mind is ready for suggestions.

To program your mind you must be relaxed, and calm and that is why meditation is so effective as you are in an alpha state. This is the other perfect time for your affirmations.

In the School for Serenity workshops we will explain how to reprogram limiting beliefs and how to break the bonds that hold you back and prepare you to live your very best life filled with love , success abundance and peace.

To your best life of love, success and peace

Rod Ezekiel

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