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Soul Based Services

The life journey can be challenging. In our work, we can determine the best approach to honor the Soul Blue Print you have brought into this incarnation and how you can find the flow of your life. You can move beyond stress, suffering and resistance by getting into the natural guidance of your soul and non physical guides to become heart centric. This approach will bring more love, abundance, success and peace in your life's path. Please reach out to us at or call or text 236 862 3711.


Coaching Support -4-6 sessions to do a deep dive to determine your Soul Blue Print, Life Values and Unique Soul Strengths for more love, success and abundance.


Corporate Coaching - Get training for your employees and managers on how to find Intrinsic motivation and how to support clients using heart centric soul based actions.


Laser Coaching Session - 2 hr Intensive - Need answers now? We will do an intensive 2 hr deep dive to uncover the blocks, challenges and barriers to your success and break through them.

What Our Clients Say


Kim I. Telecommunications Industry

After a particularly frustrating moment where I felt stuck and didn't know what steps I needed to do to move my career along, I reached out to Rod with Ezekiel Wellness Solutions Ltd for advice. Rod worked with me using Career Counseling for the Soul. I found this approach refreshing and revitalizing. The focus of the program was to find what I love about the work I do, what my strengths were and what I needed to fulfill my soul at work. Through this work with Rod, I was able to focus on what gave me a sense of purpose and enjoyment. I spent time going through this program and found that it focused on my strengths and what gave me a sense of purpose.

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