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About Us

The School for Serenity

Discover your Purpose. Honor Your Truth. Find Peace.

The Purpose of The School for Serenity is to raise the consciousness of our students to find a new way of living.


Using philosophy, metaphysics, and science, the SFS offers guidance on finding your purpose and honoring your truth to find great peace and prosperity.

By providing workshops, exercises, insights, videos, and books, SFS supports our students to find their personal truth so they can experience greater love, abundance, success, and peace in their lives.

SFS assists the emergent potential of the Divine Self and the Divine Mind, the truly conscious human being. This is the next stage in human evolution, Homo Spiritus.

The Mission of The School for Serenity is to help our students find their purpose by connecting with their higher selves, expressing their love within, embracing their unique truth and evolving their consciousness to be of service to others.



Founder  - Rod C Ezekiel Bio

Author of The book "Your Soul's Quest" - Career Counselling for the Soul - Published by Friesen Press March 2018.


Workshop creator & leader for Souls Quest – Personal Development Workshops and Coaching Programs on Finding Your Life’s Mission


Workshop Leader on emotional intelligence, mental and physical wellness-related topics for over 10 years 

Director of Wellbeing - US and Western Canada for two billion-dollar+ organizations and has assisted over 600 companies to provide greater wellbeing solutions for the health and happiness of their employees.

Transformational Coaching Program Certification – Train the Trainer with Jack Canfield Group


Registered Holistic Nutritionist – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Teacher/Instructor – and has taught Preventative Nutrition, Nutrition and Mental Wellness and business courses at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Rod is an avid nature enthusiast and fell in love with Western Canada, especially the mountains, beauty and open spaces, and the warm generous people that live here. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For One On One Coaching, questions about workshops. corporate training please email

Rod C Ezekiel 

British Columbia

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