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Finding Peace - Conflict and Miracles

Conflict is an expression of fear. Say to yourself that you must somehow have chosen not to love, or the fear could not have arisen. Know first that this is fear. Fear arises from a lack of love. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love. Perfect love is the atonement. You have chosen without love, and forgotten that we are ultimately ONE, so this interaction is mirrored reflections for you to experience and choose fear or love, peace or pain in the face of the Oneness of All things. The atonement is the understanding that YOU ARE your brothers and sisters and we share the ONENESS of all things. Always remember the mind is incredibly powerful

and is always creating. ALWAYS. We do not guard our minds carefully enough. Miracle working entails a full realization of the power of thought in order to avoid miscreation. Both miracles and fear come from thoughts. Your primary purpose in this life is to make the decision to choose love or fear within your own mind.

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