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The Dynamic of Androgyny – Balance of Yin Yang

We live in unique times where there are incredible powerful advances in our civilization and seeming chaos and conflict that surround us. To make sense of some of the shifts we are seeing, I want to bring a metaphysical perspective to some of the prevalent topics and activities of our time that seem confusing and rather overwhelming in their presentment to us. In the last few years, we have seen this upsurging of gender discussions and the embracing of both masculine and feminine principles. Humankind has lived in a very masculine society for thousands of years, within the Age of Pisces.

The primary characteristics of the masculine approach are competition, conquering, building, separation, strength, persistence, tenacity, boldness, and fearlessness. Many of these characteristics are excellent for the warrior archetype and this is the primary energy dynamic that has been embraced for literally over 2 thousand years.

The universe and The All that Is, The Creator’s greatest gift to us all is balance. All things in nature and beyond the manmade world is a state of homeostasis. This is part of all things, from the acid-alkaline level of your blood to the seasons, the growth death, and rebirth, as we live in a universe of duality. This third dimension is a learning dimension where we see opposites and contrast as this is the best arena for learning, understanding differences, and growth. This masculine approach was needed for our civilization as we were still needing to grow, thrive and build. Humankind has elevated itself in incredible ways over the last 2 thousand years. The changes have been staggering. But now the Universe is rebalancing itself and this masculine energy needs to be leveled with the feminine energy available. This is what we are currently seeing within the world and events and affairs around the globe.

Each of us has a feminine or yin dimension and a masculine or yang dimension. The feminine dimension focuses on the intuitive, creative-thought process of receiving information and ideas. The masculine focus on the outer-directed, creative process of building and actions. These energies must be integrated by mastering the pairs of opposite behaviors associated with each if we are to move into the Fifth Dimension.

Excerpt from The Light Shall Set You Free – Milanovich / McCune


The Third Dimension is a world of polarities and dualities. We analyze and see things as up and down, black and white, or having two sides to explore. Decisions often are based on a yes or no response, and the verdict dictates the course of events from that day forward.

This view ignores an important piece of data, namely that everything on Earth and in the universe is made up of not two things, but only ONE thing, and that one thing is energy. Energy is made up of positive and negative particles, however, this is not the same as being composed of polarities.

Everything in the universe is feminine and masculine, or what is called yin and yang. The feminine is yin, and the masculine is yang. In higher dimensions, no judgment is placed on these principles of energy—they just exist.

Webster’s New Lexicon Dictionary of the English Language defines yin and yang as the “two forces through whose essences, according to Taoist cosmology, the universe was produced and cosmic harmony is maintained. Yin is dark, female and negative, Yang is light, male and positive. They are always contrasted with and complementary to each other. These definitions do not depict opposites but imply a continuous flow of energy—a dance, if you wish.

In the higher dimensions, there is no duality. The duality is found only in a third-dimensional reality such as that on Earth. This is a part of Earth’s curriculum that must be understood before one can exit the Third Dimension and move to the higher realms.

The soul is bound to return to Earth lifetime after lifetime until it grasps the concept of Oneness, and this concept is assimilated into consciousness.

Both of these forces, the yin, and the yang, are within each of us. Our creative forces flow in the direction in which we focus our energy, for energy follows the path of least resistance. If we focus on the feminine, we are aligning ourselves with the intuitive, creative-thought process of receiving information and ideas. If we focus on the masculine, we are sending our energies to the outer-directed, creative process of building and action, for it is action that carries out creation. The way in which we are socialized often determines which of these two forces becomes more dominant in our outward behaviors.

In Atlantis, the high priests and priestesses walked the Earth balanced in both their yin and their yang energy fields. That is why the achievements of Atlantis were so great. Peace, prosperity, and happiness prevailed for centuries, and life was fulfilling to a degree unheard of today. Only when the energies became unbalanced, causing doubt and darkness to creep in, did Atlantis fall.

When Atlantis fell, the survivors threw themselves into fear and a fight for survival—both yang energy traits. The feminine energy was suppressed because the scattered masses forgot their power while having to meet the demands of daily routines. Darkness fell on their minds, and the rest is history.

It has taken humanity over 10,000 years to scale the mountain once again, and even now there are no guarantees that we will achieve the greatness we once knew. Today the world is steeped in the yang energy. Rest assured that if we are to achieve greatness in the future, we will accomplish it only if we can learn to restore and balance the feminine and masculine energies within our souls. The world would be in an equally disastrous dilemma if the focus of our attention became unbalanced in the direction of the feminine energy. Our goal is to become balanced.

Throughout time the world has continued to honor more of the masculine principles. This has produced serious problems. One need only look around to see the seriousness of the situation. The problems are so great, in fact, that this unbalanced focus has created the possibility that the world could destroy itself. Through aggression, assertiveness, and creation without spiritual balance with the God Force within, humanity has limited itself. This situation has come about because humans have not felt comfortable expressing and honoring the feminine side of existence.

The extreme degree to which feminine energy is suppressed in the world today is demonstrated in some of its cultures. In some parts of the world, women are not allowed to eat at the same tables as men, nor are they even allowed in the same rooms. In other cultures, female babies are murdered to assist in controlling the population. These outer behaviors mirror inner attitudes regarding the society’s discomfort with feminine energy. Even though logical reasons are given that might convince people otherwise, rest assured that the true answer to why this is happening is found within by examining the comfort felt with yin and yang energies. Everything in the outer world only serves to mirror the universe within.

Usually, the individuals who choose to embody in these cultures are young souls who are living on Earth primarily to experience duality and the expression of masculine or feminine energy. They have not yet learned (in previous lives) the value of integration and Oneness and have a difficult time understanding its importance. Through many future lifetimes and/or experiences they eventually will understand the value of this integration, and only then will they begin to break the shackles that bind them to their roles. Only then can they begin the journey into the higher dimensions.

When a culture is ready to evolve, old souls (balanced in their male and female energies) choose embodiment within that civilization. They are born, grow up among the ranks of the common folk, and experience the restrictions of the culture.

Then, when the time is right, their veils are lifted and they begin to remember the higher principles stored in their souls. They move to leadership positions and finally show the people a new way. Mahatma Gandhi was such a soul.

To become a fifth-dimensional leader, one must integrate male and female energies. The goal for all of humanity who will enter the new millennium is to become androgynous. Male (yang) and female (yin) energies must become reunited. It is this reunification that will facilitate the creation of the Adam Kadmon. Because of the way men and women are socialized in the world, men are more in need of accepting feminine energy than women. More men than women are lacking in this connection and the spirituality and values that go with it. Therefore, to achieve mastery, the men have a more difficult struggle ahead of them than do the women. If more men do not awaken and begin to balance the male and female energies within by embracing both of them, men will find themselves trailing behind women in evolution. This condition will raise women to leadership positions, moving them to politically powerful stations in life where they can rewrite the laws. Keep in mind that this extreme position is not what is desired either. It is the balance that is ideal. If men choose not to evolve, however, they will bring the other extreme upon themselves.

To acquire androgyny, we are placed continually in arenas that provide us with the experiences we need to learn while exhibiting appropriate male or female behaviors. These arenas serve to assure that:

1. We have ample opportunities to master all tests of becoming androgynous; and

2. We will exit from these arenas demonstrating command over all behavior options, whether they are traditionally male or female.

According to Elizabeth Haich, in her book Initiation, ultimately we must master twelve pairs of opposite behaviors associated with stereotypical male or female behaviors. The following is a modified list from her work which describes the opposite traits we must learn to command in order to balance the male and female energies within. Tests always require that we act from a calm and centered position.

We pass the tests (1) when we learn the appropriate responses to each unique situation, and (2) only after we are comfortable exhibiting BOTH sets of opposite behaviors.

Feminine Attributes Masculine Attributes

Noncommittal + Committed

Open to all things + Resistant to change

Detached + Controlling

Silent + Talking

Compliant + Ruling

Peaceful + Aggressive

Modest + Humble Self-Assured

Responsive + Skeptical

Faithful + Independent

Cautious+ Bold

Careful + Impulsive

Respectful of life + Fearless.

When we incorporate all twelve opposite pairs of behaviors into our personalities, we reach more of our full human potential. A clue as to which behaviors we need to master lies in the answer to the question: Which behaviors am I least comfortable displaying? If an individual normally does all the talking and has difficulty being silent, it is clear that he or she needs to learn to listen. If a person does not like confrontation and normally chooses to ignore all injustices because he or she cannot handle confrontation, this individual may be suppressing too much masculine energy and may need to get in touch with this power. In all cases, we, as individuals, know on a soul level what it is we need to learn, as does the Higher Self. Whatever our weak areas, rest assured that the arenas will be brought to us in which to practice, so that we emerge victorious in mastering all behaviors related to our full human potential.

Masters act with ease in all situations. They know how to manage ALL energy patterns within when one rules both male and female energies. This is truth. Masters also choose what they think, say, and feel at all times, rather than allow the emotions of others to dictate how they should behave. Therefore, these testing arenas are necessary for our development so that we may practice behaving in all ways that help develop our mastery.

Entry into the Fifth dimension requires that one be calm, centered, and in charge of the mental and emotional bodies at all times. When one learns to master both the female and the male energy patterns within, one is prepared for ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Only then is the Higher Self able to integrate itself into the lower eight bodies. By balancing our feminine and masculine energies, we assist Mother Earth to restore her balance of yin and yang energy, as well. End of Excerpt.

For humankind today, we need to embrace the masculine and feminine qualities available to us, and continue to be kind, accepting and forgiving of ourselves and those we meet in our lives. Recognition that we are all ONE in Spirit and brothers and sisters in this grand experience we call Life.

To your best life! The School for Serenity

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