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Your Beliefs May have Nothing to do with you

If you are feeling like there is more to life than what you have experienced, consider this. Your view and perspective of the world were given to you by others. Your family, siblings’ grandparents, and environment provided the information your brain used to develop what you believe the world to be. Unfortunately, most of this information has nothing to do with you. It has to do with each of these individuals, doing the best at the time, in their own life, gave you from their beliefs. At The School for Serenity, we do a deep study into the seven areas of values for people, and with powerful exercises, we will uncover your TRUE values for you as a unique, incredible individual. We will help you with the tools you need to break through these limiting beliefs that were downloaded into you as a child, that no longer serve you. Your journey and path will change because SFS will show you how to release the control of the ego thoughts, and your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

SFS will show you

· How to find your higher self to guide your thinking and decisions – beyond ego-mind

· How to release anger and frustration to find the peace you deserve

· How to uncover the hidden beliefs that do not serve you to new ones that illuminate

· How to find the love within you to solidify what your path is for the most joy possible

We have a free workshop coming March 24 – 6 pm PST as a free intro session before the full 4 module Findings your Life’s Purpose workshop starting Apr13 with other 3 sessions April 15, April 20th,

and April 22 all at 6 pm for 90 minutes.

To attend the free starter intro session, go here –

To purchase your tickets for Finding Your Life’s Purpose 4 Live Webinar Workshops go here

To your best life of love, serenity, and great success

Rod C Ezekiel

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