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The Messengers of Love are waiting for you

Beyond our sight is a sense of when Love is present and it is fused into the experiences of your life. Love can and will change the very fabric of existence.

Feel what you are drawn to as this is the magnetic pull of Love and a beacon from your higher self on your journey in this lifetime.

You are not alone, there are guides and messengers conspiring on your behalf at this very moment, sending love and guidance to you in every moment.

If you are unsure what love feels like, feel the joy, feel a lift of your spirit within, and glorious enthusiasm, as they are all part of the Love force.

The old adage is true, "That which you seek, seeks you".

Be silent, feel within as your guidance is waiting for you even now…

To your best life of love, serenity, and great success

Rod C Ezekiel

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