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The Magic of Daily Meditation

I have had the pleasure in my journey to meet many spiritual teachers. Deepak Chopra, my personal coach Jack Canfield and Dr. Wayne Dyer all shared with me their number one tool for living an exceptional life.

That strategy is meditation everyday. In our upcoming workshops we will go through the science of what happens to the brain and body and how you literally can release limiting beliefs, addictions and pain by meditating daily. I am going to share with you my favorite meditations sounds from James Twyman's work that Wayne used himself. Below this post is a wonderful explanation from Wayne on how to use it.

We will be exploring different ways of meditating in our workshops coming April 13 but this can get you started. If you do this every day for the next 60 days your life will change for the better. You will have more energy, more clarity, more balance health and peace. You may find addictions drop away like a old piece of clothing no longer needed.

Your mind will fight against you for the first month like a puppy trying to run away but gently come back to the present moment, breath, allow the thought and then let it float above you as it dissolves. These thoughts are recordings swirling around your mind that dont mean anything and are not your truth. Your truth is gentle quiet and silence will allow your soul and authentic self to embrace you in the meditation.

Sit in a quiet room where you wont be disturbed. It should be slightly cool and wear comfortable clothes. Sit cross legged on a pillow if you can or in a comfortable chair with spine upright. Put on an headset, close your eyes have your eyes tilted slight upward and your hands folded in your lap or sitting with your hands on your knees, be comfortable. Get your phone and set a time for each session for 10 minutes on week one, 15 min week 2 , 20 min week 3 and 30 min week 4.

Listrn to Wayne the first time and once you know the steps, you can just put on the music and relax and breath. Do a slow count of one on the in and out breath. Then two on the in and out breath. If your mind wanders comes back to your breathing and counting. It's normal for this to happen as you are training your puppy mind to come back to the present moment.

Enjoy and comment on how you are doing.

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