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The greatest trick of the Ego

One of the main tricks of the ego is to have you believe you are just a body. All the issues, challenges, fragility, and weakness of this vessel can only be protected by the ego itself. This is the ego mind's greatest feat, to believe it is your God, and it will protect you. In essence, it wants you to come to it, for salvation. But the salvation of the ego is destruction and displacement of who you really are. You are Divine Spirit; you are the embodiment of love. Your true self is peace and serenity, as you are part of the All that Is, the Source, God the Father.

In our classes at The SFS, we will review how your mind has been imprisoned by the egoic thought system, and we will work together to release you from these shackles to release your true Divine Essence to allow you to live in love, success, abundance, and happiness. Learn about your inner purpose to connect to your divinity and your outer purpose to create and expand the love that you truly are.

Rod C Ezekiel

Picture taken in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge BC 2021 by RCE

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