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The Field of Possibilities and Power of your Thoughts

All around you is a field of possibilities. Science shows us now that your thoughts are facets of light that travel into the field of possibilities that can and will be manifested. When you are consciously sending thoughts into the world, you change the waves that are all through this field, into particles, that become actual matter.

Wallace Wattles wrote about this over 100 years ago in his book "The Science of Getting Rich",

and quantum scientists now understand that our consciousness has the ability to change subatomic waves just by thinking. This thought shifts and changes the waves into particles bringing them into the physical world as being manifested. This is a law of manifestation, so be very careful of what you focus on. The law will work whether you have thoughts of love and abundance or the opposite.

Your world is the result of what you have thought and brought into reality. To live the life you want, you need to change how you think. Can you choose love, kindness, abundance, and success? It is not easy, but try to forgive others for the challenges they face, stop the egoic thinking of attack, and care for others as you would the most beloved in your heart.

In our workshops, we will review how these dynamics work, and how you can shift into right-minded thinking to create a successful, abundant, joyful, and loving life that you deserve.

To your best life of love, serenity, and great success

Rod C Ezekiel

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