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Sunday Intention for this Week - September 26 2021 - Connecting to the Oneness of All People

Our Sunday Facebook live session - Intention for the week – Connecting to the Oneness of All People

One of the biggest challenges we face is the misguided perception that the chatter of our egoic mind is who we really are. It isn’t, this is an old ancient mechanism that tries to keep you safe but is like a robot that has its wires crossed. Now we don’t need this worrying overarching negative voice, we need to recognize and allow your true self and the Divine mind to shine through you.

Like the great oceans, every raindrop in Surrey BC, every snow peak in Russia, every stream in India, are all part of the great body of water that covers our beautiful emerald planet. The form may be slightly different, its location, how it looks, how it is perceived but they are all part of the one spectacular ocean.

It is the very same with you and I. We are part of the All that Is, God the Father, the great Creator. We are a divine spark connected to everything and we are one. The egoic mind wants to create separateness and will bring in in criticism, comparison, righteousness, frustration, and anger to those around you. I say there is a better way, another path to peace and serenity in your glorious life.

For this week, I want you to try this exercise when meeting or seeing other people, that you are wary of, or start to judge, or think unkind thoughts about.

Breath and stop the egoic mind and its thoughts with these 2 questions:

What Part of Me is within you? .. ponder and think this thought as you observe .. you may feel the ego soften as the light of the divine mind gently shines through you ..

Then think – What Part of You is within Me? .. now you may feel compassion and kindness, as the divine mind starts to recognize you and the other are indeed the same. There is no need for judgment of this individual, just acceptance and compassion and love for all people on their own path.

Ultimately, the world is a reflection of what we think and how we feel. Try this intention this week, and please send me a message to let me know how your week went and what you thought of this exercise from The School for Serenity.

I am pleased to see many of our Spanish friends, Indian and Filipino friends so the exercise will be loaded in your language as well on the Facebook newsfeed as well as the Private Group.

If you want to learn more about your Soul Blueprint, the structure of your Soul, and Your guides created for you before you incarnated in this lifetime, send me a messenger message of your email and I will send out the invitation for you.

Have a wonderful week, be kind to yourself, and remember, the goal of the SFS is to assist you to Discover Your Purpose, Honor Your Truth and Find Peace through the Divine Mind to live a magnificent life.

In Spanish

Durante esta semana, quiero que pruebe este ejercicio cuando conozca o vea a otras personas, de las que desconfíe, o comience a juzgar, o tenga pensamientos desagradables.

Respira y detén los pensamientos con esta pregunta:

¿Qué parte de mí está dentro de ti? .. medita y piensa en este pensamiento mientras observas .. puedes sentir que el ego se ablanda cuando la luz de la mente divina brilla suavemente a través de ti ..

Entonces piensa: ¿Qué parte de ti está dentro de mí? ... ahora puedes sentir compasión y bondad, ya que la mente divina comienza a reconocer que tú y el otro eres de hecho lo mismo. No hay necesidad de juzgar a este individuo, solo aceptación, compasión y amor por todas las personas en su propio camino.

En última instancia, el mundo es un reflejo de lo que pensamos y cómo nos sentimos. Prueba esta intención esta semana y, por favor, envíame un mensaje para hacerme saber cómo fue tu semana y qué te pareció este ejercicio de The School for Serenity.

In Filipino

Para sa linggong ito, nais kong subukan mo ang ehersisyo na ito kapag nakikipagkita o nakakakita ng ibang mga tao, na ikaw ay nag-iingat, o nagsimulang humusga, o mag-isip ng hindi magandang pag-iisip.

Huminga at itigil ang mga saloobin sa katanungang ito:

Anong Bahagi ng Akin ang nasa loob mo? .. pag-isipan at pag-isipan ang kaisipang ito habang pinagmamasdan mo .. maaari mong maramdaman ang paglambot ng kaakuhan habang ang ilaw ng banal na kaisipan ay banayad na sumisikat sa iyo ..

Kung gayon isipin - Anong Bahagi ng Iyo ang nasa loob Ko? .. Ngayon ay maaari kang makaramdam ng kahabagan at kabaitan, habang ang banal na kaisipan ay nagsisimulang kilalanin ka at ang iba pa ay magkatulad na magkatulad. Hindi na kailangan para sa paghatol ng indibidwal na ito, ang pagtanggap lamang at pagkahabag at pagmamahal para sa lahat ng mga tao sa kanilang sariling landas.

Sa huli, ang mundo ay isang pagsasalamin sa kung ano ang iniisip natin at kung ano ang nararamdaman natin. Subukan ang hangarin na ito sa linggong ito, at mangyaring magpadala sa akin ng isang mensahe upang ipaalam sa akin kung paano ang iyong linggo at kung ano ang naisip mo tungkol sa pagsasanay na ito mula sa The School for Serenity.

In Hindi

इस सप्ताह के लिए, मैंचाहता हूं कि आपअन्य लोगों से मिलते यादेखते समय इस अभ्यासको आजमाएं, जिससे आप सावधान रहें, या न्याय करना शुरू करें, या उनके बारे मेंनिर्दयी विचार करें।

इस प्रश्न के साथ सांसलें और विचारों कोरोकें:

मेराकौन सा हिस्सा तुम्हारेभीतर है? .. इस विचार परविचार करें और सोचेंजैसा कि आप देखतेहैं .. आप अहंकार कोनरम महसूस कर सकते हैंजैसे दिव्य मन की रोशनीआपके माध्यम से चमकती है ..

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