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Messages of the Universe - Manifesting the Life of your dreams

The universe provides a constant feedback loop in the physical world and in your body. The universe provides information about your thoughts by what you experience. These experiences either feel good or they do not. If you are moving toward love, the experiences will feel good, if you are feeling pain, suffering, or contraction, then you are moving away from love. What you are most likely being led by is fear. This fear is the divide to what you want and who you are.

When you feel pain, you need to face it. Go inside it and feel the pain. Give yourself 120 seconds of sitting at the core of this feeling of uncomfortableness and pain and ask, “What is this?” After two minutes one of two things will happen. You will dissolve that feeling as you have now put light and energy on it and listened to the feeling for any answers of why it is there. The second option is that you still feel it and the pain is not subsiding say to yourself “Can I let this feeling go now? And take 20 breaths as you think this thought. If your mind keeps wandering, bring it back and say it over and over. If you still have this feeling, ask again Can I let this feeling go now? if not now, when? And breath through it 20 times. Say it over and over and this will also assist in dissolving this pain that needs the attention and loving energy to move through you and beyond you. Emotions are energy caught in your personal energetic field and need to be focused on to be released. This may take a few times but will eventually dissolve this e – motion within you to be released.

If you choose high energy, loving thoughts of support, gratitude, kindness, understanding, abundance, and unity, you will literally start shifting the universe to creating your best life.

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To your best life of love, serenity, and great success

Rod C Ezekiel

Rare snowfall in Victoria BC February 13, 2021.

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