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Messages from The Universe to Guide You

In everyone's life there are times where the Universe sends a powerful message. It can be a dream you always remember, a person you met that shows you a different way, a book, a song, a place. You know it was special because it felt like part of you exploded with love and new appreciation.An example for me was when I was a teen on a soccer trip and my coach was reading some magazines. A few of us took a look and he was reading bodybuilding magazines. I had been athletic and exercising and wanted to strengthen my body but had never seen anyone who looked like the bodybuilders on the cover. My mind was blown and that one event , that one magazine put me on a path to running 5 international fitness clubs, competing in a bodybuilding competition, becoming a holistic nutritionist, opening a weight management studio and becoming a teacher of health. If you think back through your life, there are powerful messages that were pointers for your path. These things and events are encouraging you to bring your love and enthusiasm into the world for your journey in this lifetime.

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