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Divine Forgiveness

Whether you believe Jesus was a prophet, holy man, or Son of God, most can agree he had a tremendous impact on the world and spirituality. Central to his teachings was the practice of forgiveness. This type of forgiveness that Jesus taught was a different form and practice and what we at the School for Serenity call " Divine Forgiveness". Earthly forgiveness sees a person that has created some form of transgression, irritation which has resulted in judgment from yourself or others. The thought in your mind is “I see your errors, you are wrong, but I will try to look beyond this issue, while understanding I am right, and you/they are wrong.” This kind of thinking comes from the egoic mind that wants to separate the world from danger and safety. It is the thought that I am right, and others are wrong, and maintains and holds the judgment and ill will within.

Divine Forgiveness as taught by Jesus starts with the understanding that you and all men and women are innocent and pure, as you originated from, and are an extension of, the Love of the All that Is, God. You are a perfect divine soul, having a physical experience. In this physical form, we fall, we make mistakes, we err, we hurt others and ourselves. Jesus’ divine forgiveness is the belief and recognition that you too are divine, perfect, and a child of God, a child of pure love. Jesus did not first see the transgression; he could only see this perfect soul having an experience.

Today as you move through the activities and interactions of life, think of others as young children, trying to walk or learn to ride a bike, and the falls we see, in others or in ourselves are part of our experience and learning. See without judgement if you can, and offer the recognition of another beautiful soul, needing compassion and kindness, not attack. This includes you !

Learn more about Divine Forgiveness in the upcoming 4 module workshops series of Findings your Life’s Mission starting April 13. We hope to see you there!

The image is from a painting by Glenda Green called The Lamb and the Lion, author of the book "Love without End'.

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