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Who am I ?
What is my life's purpose?

How can I create a positive shift to change my life for the better ?

How can I live as a peaceful, joyful loving human being?

How can I live a life of exquisite abundance, success and deep fulfillment?

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The School for Serenity provides guidance for our members so they can determine and experience their Life’s Purpose.


All human beings have a Mission in Life, their unique Divine and Peaceful Inner Purpose, and the Earth-Bound Action Orientation and Creative Outer Purpose.


By providing workshops, exercises, insights, videos and books, SFS supports our members to find their personal truth so they can experience greater love, abundance, success, and peace in their lives. 

Peace can only be found by being who you truly are and honoring your authentic magnificent self by uncovering your purpose.

Discover your Purpose. Honor Your Truth.

Find Peace.

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Discover Your Purpose. Honor Your Truth. Find Peace

Virtual and Live Workshops to Live your Best Life

The Curriculum for The School for Serenity.

2023 Program  

The Path To Awakening - Homo Spiritus.

Discover your Purpose. Honor Your Truth. Find Peace.

“How does one become a butterfly? You have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” – Unknown

Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools with Guidance from the Masters of Light

 Metaphysics, Spirituality and Wisdom

Class Dates will be announced soon !

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Your New Life is ready to start. Join us in our next workshop to connect you to your true self and find the joy and happiness you deserve.

Join our community and receive monthly updates and inspiration to find your path to happiness and serenity

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